Individuals and Families

Temporary Residence

We assist eligible foreign nationals who wish to temporarily visit, work or study in Canada.

Navio immigration team handles all types of work, student and visitor permit applications.

We specialize in strategy development, focusing on the transition from temporary resident to permanent resident status in Canada.

You can rely on our team to assist you in building a long-term future in Canada!


There are many situations when foreign nationals can travel and stay in Canada as visitors.

Whether you are travelling to Canada from a visa required country for leisure, reuniting with your family or visiting Canada on business, we work with you and your family on your applications.

We also assist Clients who are already in Canada, and are planning to extend their status as Visitors.


Would you like to study in Canada and seek assistance in the process?

Our Immigration Consultants can help you identify the best pathway to ensure you enroll in a program that is beneficial for your long-term personal, professional, and immigration goals.

Our team navigate you through the Canadian Educational System, so you decide in confidence which study options are the most suitable for you.


Do you have the ambition to start a professional career in Canada?

Our proprietary database of all available work permit pathways allows us to choose the right one for you.

We assist with applications through the Temporary Foreign Worker stream as well as the International Mobility stream.

Canadian Permanent Residence Seekers

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Navigate the complex and often overwhelming process to become a Permanent Resident of Canada with confidence. We will work with you to develop a strategic plan for your unique situation.

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Our experienced immigration team is here to guide you through every step of your immigration process, providing the necessary assistance to ensure the highest chance of success for your application(s).

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If your life situation changes, it can impact your strategy. In that case, we review all available options to co-create a plan of action that best suits your needs and goals.

Family Reunion

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Navio Immigration Consultants are invested in helping you achieve the vision you have for your family’s life in Canada.

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Our own personal experience in the immigration process, combined with a strategic approach, provides you with the greatest likelihood of immigration success.

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As most of our team members have immigrated to Canada and have experienced the process first-hand, we understand your desire to bring together your family in Canada.

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We guide you through the immigration journey of family sponsorship, ensuring that you feel confident, reassured, and have a sense of ease.

Canadian Citizenship

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Canadian permanent residents can apply for Canadian citizenship once they:

  • meet the physical presence requirement.
  • prove their language proficiency.
  • and have filed their taxes (if required to do so).

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Our team evaluate if you meet the eligibility criteria and provides dedicated assistance during the final phase of your Canadian immigration process.

At Navio Immigration, our commitment to you extends far beyond providing immigration advice and filling out forms.

We offer more than just help with forms; we take the time to understand your unique needs and concerns, tailoring our services to meet them effectively. Choose from a variety of support levels, each designed to fit your budget and preferences.

Experience our award-winning “Done-with-You” Service through Navio Platform, where you take charge of your application with our strategic guidance, supported by comprehensive learning materials, video tutorials, and live sessions.

Ready to start your Canadian Immigration journey?

Client Reviews

Kayla Styger
Whistler, January 2024
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10 stars !! My experience with Brooke and her team exceeded my expectations My PR application was a 4 year long emotional journey and they were there for me 100% of the time. They were there for me mentally but also professionally. I can’t thank and recommend Navio Immigration enough for ensuring my Canadian life came to fruition. From the bottom of my heart thank you !
Meghan Watkins - Navio Platform
Whistler, November 2023
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I applied for Permanent Residency through Express Entry, and with such an important application on the line, it was great to have someone guiding me through this - giving me the confidence that nothing had been missed for each step. I am so grateful for how much support I was able to get through Brooke and this platform. And with a step by step, chronological guide, it makes this BIG process seem very digestible. Although I had friends who had been through the process, offering advice - there are so many specifics for each individual, and it would have been an incredibly daunting process without this help, and I'm not sure how I would have pieced it all together otherwise. When the application is complete, they have someone take a final look over everything to give it the all ok, before submitting. Brooke and her team go out their way to offer personal support and guidance. Highly recommend for anyone going for PR in Canada
Michal Stark
Kelowna, BC, October 2023
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I want to share my great experience with Whistler Immigration. Their team helped me to become a permanent resident in Canada. I appreciate that they took the time to assess all my options and developed a strategy that suited me the best.