Canadian Employers

Are you exploring the option to hire temporary foreign workers?

We work with businesses in many industries, including construction, engineering, tourism & hospitality, transportation, athletics, consulting, startups, and technology, to meet their labour and immigration needs.

Our process involves learning an employer’s business model and growth opportunities to build a comprehensive and persuasive argument demonstrating the positive economic impacts of hiring a foreign worker.

We can determine the best immigration strategies for your team members, which are in line with your company recruitment goals as well as the workers’ personal and professional objectives.

Navio Immigration team handles all types of work permit applications under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (LMIA required) as well as the International Mobility Program (LMIA-exempt).

We have a strong relationship with our community and community resources to help people create the connections that they need to unlock their potential and achieve their dreams.

How does our support for Canadian Employers hiring temporary foreign workers usually look like?

Strategic Consultation for Employers

We are excited to learn more about your company! In this 60-minute consultation, we take the time to understand your situation and any potential obstacles. Together, we determine the best immigration strategies to leverage the international workforce and fulfill your recruitment goals.
Consultation Fee: $300.00+GST
The booking only takes 2 minutes!

Have you already selected potential candidates?

Strategic Consultation (+Blueprint)

Most Comprehensive:

We arrange a Strategic Consultation with the worker to discuss the different immigration programs and build a strategy with the highest likelihood of success, reflecting also the worker's personal and professional objectives.

After the Consultation a personalized "Strategic Blueprint" is created (if applicable), outlining the strategies we developed, including concrete steps to execute the strategy and a detailed summary of the program requirements and processes to follow.

Consultation fees:
Strategic Consultation $240.00+GST
Strategic Consultation + Blueprint $300.00+GST

*The Employer can attend the Consultation with the Employee's consent.

30-minute Eligibility Assessment

Focused on Assessment of One Potential Candidate for One Selected Immigration Program

If you've decided to leverage a specific immigration program and found a suitable candidate, we offer this 30-minute session for a thorough assessment of your candidate's immigration eligibility.

During this session, our Immigration Consultants asses your candidate's eligibility for one specific immigration program. We understand the nuances of each program and are committed to guiding you through the details.

We clarify the advantages and disadvantages of the selected program, and contextualize how it aligns with achieving long-term goals for both you and your employee.

After this session, you will be able to make informed decisions that benefit both your business and your potential employees.

After the consultation, we offer various levels of service to suit different budgets:

"Done-with-You" Service

Our innovative, award-winning "Done-with-You" service through Navio platform brings you affordable access to step-by-step instructions, ongoing personalized strategic advice, and document review.

Full-Service Representation

Our team will prepare, submit, and represent the application(s) on your and your worker’s behalf.


Follow the steps discussed in the consultation, summarized in your Strategic Blueprint (if applicable) and prepare and submit the application(s) yourselves.
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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Workforce with Our Essential Guidebook!

Dive into our comprehensive “Guidebook for B.C. Employers: Foreign Worker Programs Explained”.

Why Choose Our Guidebook?

  • In-Depth Insights: Gain a clear understanding of various immigration programs and how they can be seamlessly integrated into your HR strategies.
  • Real-World Applications: Learn through practical case studies, illustrating successful employment of foreign workers in various industries.
  • Tailored for B.C. Employers: Specifically designed to address the unique challenges and opportunities in the British Columbia context.

Our guidebook is a stepping stone to transforming your workforce. By equipping yourself with this knowledge, you can effectively leverage foreign talent, ensuring your business stays competitive and diverse.

Price: $49.00+GST

Corporate Client Reviews

Dean Skoubis
Edmonton, July 2023
Read More
I can honestly say that the team at Whistler Immigration is first class and they are one of the most customer service oriented companies I’ve ever worked with. From our initial consultation all the way through the process they were extremely knowledgeable, supportive and active in helping us with our needs. We have worked with multiple companies over the years and have never been impressed with the level of service they provided. After having worked with Whistler Immigration on two LMIA projects and a PR project I can tell you that they are different and better than anything we have experienced. Class act, professional, organized, strategic, knowledgeable, invested and personable are all words that describe the team.
Jeannine Bradshaw
Whistler, August 2022
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You, and your team, are always of great assistance and advice whenever I ask and I appreciate everyone so much – great customer service and knowledge.
Infinity Enterprises Group
Whister, July 2020
Read More
Brooke and Whistler Immigration have literally been a lifesaver to our company. She is so savvy with immigration rules and regulations and will always find a way to work out a feasible plan for your immigration needs. We’ve engaged Brooke over the past few years for a variety of immigration challenges (LMIA’s, PR, Work Permits, COVID related immigration struggles) and we have never been disappointed with the outcomes or proposals. When other immigration consultants and lawyers have told us that a employees situation is impossible, Brooke makes the possible happen! If you are in the Whistler area or sea to sky we highly recommend her and her firm for any immigration needs.