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For more than 15 years, Navio Immigration has built a significant roster of happy Clients ranging from large corporations to small businesses to individual clients on a tight budget.

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10 stars !! My experience with Brooke and her team exceeded my expectations My PR application was a 4 year long emotional journey and they were there for me 100% of the time. They were there for me mentally but also professionally. I can’t thank and recommend Navio Immigration enough for ensuring my Canadian life came to fruition. From the bottom of my heart thank you !

Kayla Styger

Whistler, January 2024

I applied for Permanent Residency through Express Entry, and with such an important application on the line, it was great to have someone guiding me through this - giving me the confidence that nothing had been missed for each step. I am so grateful for how much support I was able to get through Brooke and this platform. And with a step by step, chronological guide, it makes this BIG process seem very digestible. Although I had friends who had been through the process, offering advice - there are so many specifics for each individual, and it would have been an incredibly daunting process without this help, and I'm not sure how I would have pieced it all together otherwise. When the application is complete, they have someone take a final look over everything to give it the all ok, before submitting. Brooke and her team go out their way to offer personal support and guidance. Highly recommend for anyone going for PR in Canada

Meghan Watkins - Navio Platform

Whistler, November 2023

I want to share my great experience with Whistler Immigration Ltd. Their team helped me to become a permanent resident in Canada. I appreciate that they took the time to assess all my options and developed a strategy that suited me the best. Their service is top-notch, and they pay attention to all the details. They also made sure I didn’t miss any deadlines and could stay in Canada while my application was in process.

Michal Stark

Kelowna, October 2023

I cannot thank Brooke and her team enough for their exceptional work in helping me obtain my permanent residency through the Canada Start-Up Visa program during the challenging times of the pandemic. From the moment I reached out to them, Brooke was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and supportive, providing me with the guidance and expertise I needed to navigate the complex immigration process. Brooke and her team were always available to answer my questions and address my concerns throughout the entire process, making sure that all my paperwork was in order and that my application was as strong as possible. Their attention to detail, excellent communication, and made all the difference in my case and allowed me to achieve my goal of becoming a permanent resident of Canada. I highly recommend Brooke and her team to anyone who is looking for a skilled and dedicated immigration attorney to help them with their immigration needs.

Charles Lee - Start-up Visa (SUV)

Hong Kong, May 2023

WOW!!!!!!!, I still can’t believe I’m reading this. I kept chanting your name while happily screaming and talking to my wife on the phone!! 🙂 My dear Brooke, in addition to all the incredible gratitude and appreciation my wife & I owe you FOREVER, I will NEVER forget the three intense days of filling for my WP , when you willfully decided to interrupt all your other life activities and rescued me to meet my deadline. It is next to impossible for me to express my gratitude to you in words. You genuinely helped me open the gate to my life dream! From the bottom of our six hearts: THANK YOU!

A.N. - Start-up Visa (SUV) Program

UAE April 2023

Your support is like missing pieces in my puzzle to complete my WP application. Your instructions are precise, concise, and easy to follow. I feel it’s great to receive professional and careful service from Whistler Immigration, especially Brooke’s professional work attitude and enthusiasm. I will enthusiastically suggest Whistler Immigration to my friends and family. I believe that, especially with sophisticated applications such as these Economic Immigration Programs, people should seek the advice of skilled and enthusiastic consultants such as Whistler Immigration. My dear Brooke, in addition to all the incredible gratitude and appreciation my wife & I owe you FOREVER, I will NEVER forget the three intense days of filling for my WP , when you willfully decided to interrupt all your other life activities and rescued me to meet my deadline. It is next to impossible for me to express my gratitude to you in words. You genuinely helped me open the gate to my life dream! From the bottom of our six hearts: THANK YOU!

Harvey Lee - IMMPOWER™ Start-up Visa (SUV)

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, April 2023

“This service was invaluable! As someone who thought I kind of knew what I needed and had read all of the supporting document info online, and had been getting the documents together etc, having the advice and guidance from IMMPOWER on those small details, the extra documents & explanations that no one tells you that you need and that can make the biggest difference between a final yes and a no was fantastic. I am so much more confident in my application having had IMMPOWER’S support and construction of each of the documents I submitted, specific advice relating to each of my documents & my application, and ruled out so much of the uncertainty and confusion of the application process. It is a service I’m so very grateful to have had and glad will exist for future candidates as well.”

Miriam Leckenby - IMMPOWER™ Express Entry

Keighley, UK, March 2023

Hi Brooke, Just wanted to let you know -MY PR APPLICATION HAS BEEN ACCEPTED!!!!!!! Thank you SO MUCH for everything you have done to help me get to here!!! -Having the experience and expertise of someone who knows the process is so valuable because the process is so overwhelming and you get lost -that’s the ease of this program. I can rely on your experience and expertise. It was totally valuable for me. I am so much more confident in my application having had IMMPOWER’S support and construction of each of the documents I submitted, specific advice relating to each of my documents & my application, and ruled out so much of the uncertainty and confusion of the application process. It is a service I’m so very grateful to have had and glad will exist for future candidates as well.”

Anna Weinberger - IMMPOWER™ Express Entry

Whistler, Canada, March 2023

Dear Whistler Immigration Team, This is not a request for information, but I just want to thank you for all your help in the last years. In January 2021 I had my roadmap consultation with Barbara Kolvekova and she taught me about the ways to Canadian Permanent Residence. Since then, she and other members of your team have assisted me in difficult situations. I am very happy to let you know I finally made it to the finish line by following the Inland Spousal/Common-law sponsorship pathway. I applied on December 2nd 2022 and received my eCOPR on February 13th (73 days!!!). Today was a very important moment for me when I finally got my permanent SIN number so I can work! It has been a long journey! Last September I temporarily got stuck in the USA, but by showing your PR roadmap (among other documents) to the border officer, I was allowed back in Canada to complete my application inland. You can imagine how valuable that was to me! Thank you for playing a very important part on my journey by giving me the feeling that it was possible to get PR, and by giving me the information to submit a very successful application. Best regards, Marinde Out.

Marinde Out

Burnaby, Canada, February 2023

You, and your team, are always of great assistance and advice whenever I ask and I appreciate everyone so much – great customer service and knowledge.

Whistler Sport Legacies - Jeannine Bradshaw

Managing Director, Human Resources, August 2022

Brooke Finlay is truly a master of immigration. She knows everything.

Sara Marrocco

Squamish, BC, July 2022

Hey Barbara, Fantastic news…I just wanted to let you know I received the email today from IRCC and have finalized my information on the portal. I can’t thank you and your team enough for helping me over the last few years, you lot truly are the best and it means the world to me! Anyway, hope you’re having a great day and I’ll keep you updated if and when I hear anything back! Thanks again, Matt.

Matthew Rowley

Richmond BC, November 2021

Dear Brooke, thank you so much for being my representative for my Permanent Resident Application over the last 2 years. It was my pleasure to work with you and your Whistler Immigration’s team. Due to the impacts of Covid 19, the process of my application was taking longer than usual and many obstacles had happened but with your great support my result was finally released that can be better. I also highly appreciated your concern whenever I told you about how stressful I was with my venture and you helped me figure out what I should do. I wish you and your business all success in future. Once again, thank you so much.

Hannah Tran - Start-up Visa (SUV) Class

Vietnam, October 2021

We definitely wouldn’t have got here without you and we’re incredibly grateful for your professional and personal help through the whole process :). We are both very happy we chose Whistler Immigration to help us and very glad that you are our case manager!

Jonathan Farmer

Squamish, August 2021

I want to thank you so much for your kindness and the great help you have given me. I found the meeting extremely helpful. I find that the ability to speak directly with someone about the various possibilities is absolutely essential. You have helped me gain clarity on the path to take and above all have given me some very useful advice.

Filippo Bertoli

Switzerland, July 16, 2021

Oh my god, Barbara this is the best news that I’ve received in the last decade!! It would be an understatement to say that you made my day because you basically made my future haha. I can’t thank you and Brooke enough for everything you’ve done!

Panagiotis Soukoulis

Alberta, April 19, 2021

Barbara & Brooke, THANKS SO MUCH for all your support during these years, and for helping me out to reach this very important goal of my life. I’m so glad for having been chosen you guys as consultants for this step and I’m sure that we will be in touch for anything I need and I will ALWAYS advertise you guys to whoever I know is intentioned to immigrate here. Thanks again for everything. All the best !!!!!

Antonio Lo Conte

December 3, 2020

Brooke and Whistler Immigration have literally been a lifesaver to our company. She is so savvy with immigration rules and regulations and will always find a way to work out a feasible plan for your immigration needs. We’ve engaged Brooke over the past few years for a variety of immigration challenges (LMIA’s, PR, Work Permits, COVID related immigration struggles) and we have never been disappointed with the outcomes or proposals. When other immigration consultants and lawyers have told us that a employees situation is impossible, Brooke makes the possible happen! If you are in the Whistler area or sea to sky we highly recommend her and her firm for any immigration needs.

Infinity Enterprises Group - Berneta Asato

Whistler, July 29, 2020

Whistler Immigration has been a tremendous support for our employees and our business. Since we began working with Whistler Immigration, our team has saved valuable time and resources from their expert advise and professional guidance, specifically as it pertains to managing foreign workers and changing legislation. Brooke and her team have an expert understanding of managing complex immigration scenarios. Their support is always prompt, professional and personalized. They are well versed in the intricacies and unique requirements for businesses in the Whistler market. When supporting employees with immigration, it is always clear that Whistler Immigration has researched the employee’s background and eligibility criteria, always coming to meetings prepared to discuss and articulate go forward plans. Working with Whistler Immigration has assisted our business in a meaningful way with recruitment and retention, and supported our employees with their immigration needs. I would not hesitate to recommend Whistler Immigration to anyone looking for professional, reliable immigration support located locally in the Whistler community.

The Adventure Group - Kate Thompson

CPHR Manager, People & Culture, Whistler, April 20, 2020

Brooke and the team at Whistler Immigration have been instrumental in helping us navigate often complex and time consuming immigration issues with ease. Their exceptional service and market knowledge has enabled us to benefit in attracting and retaining international talent.

Fairmont Chateau Whistler - Deborah Pulleyblank

Director, Talent & Culture, March 5, 2020

We cannot thank you enough for Your excellent service and support in the whole immigration process – I will Highly recommend you to anyone as I have not seen such service where you truly care about the outcome as much as we do…It was super to have you on our team!!!

Elmien Dicker - Start-up Visa (SUV) Program

February, 2020

Brooke and Caitlin did an exceptional job on getting me my PR and made the whole process super easy and straight forward with no stress. Would highly recommend Whistler Immigration.

Nick Taylor

Australia, November 2019

Brooke and her team helped me very successfully receive my Canadian permanent residency a few years back. They helped me (and my employer) with absolutely everything. What seemed like an impossible task to me, Brooke took care of and solved. Now I’ve been happily living in Canada since, thank you Brooke and team! I recommend your service to everyone who want to stay in beautiful country.

Anna Lengstrand

August 2019

From our first correspondence with Whistler Immigration, Brooke and team have been there to provide us with reliable, professional, and personalized advice. The team are approachable and have a very personable demeanor. We initially contacted them on a whim whilst on vacation in Whistler. We enquired about fulfilling a childhood dream of mine, moving to Canada. We spoke on the phone and despite us leaving the next day, they managed to accommodate us later that day. After providing Whistler Immigration with the information, they promptly put together a “road map” for us. This detailed the most probable paths we could go down, to achieve permanent resident status. After deliberation and careful consideration, we decided to make the jump from the UK and put our trust in Whistler Immigration, to assist us in obtaining PR. Not only was this process stress free, the amount of time saved meant the fees were very economical. This enabled us to focus on work and enjoying our downtime exploring Canada. During the process, I observed friends going through the same application without assistance. Most had small hurdles to overcome, the smallest was an additional 12 months wait, significant stress and multiple phone calls to immigration Canada. Others have had to return home and complete a different application, costing them time, money and frustration. Whistler Immigration is very methodical in collecting all information they might need. The team developed a tight strategy to expedite the process as efficiently as possible. From when Whistler Immigration submitted our first application for BC PNP, we had received PR status a little after six months later. Easily one of the best investments we have made, we are now happily settled in BC and both back to pursuing our careers in beautiful British Columbia. We now get to call Canada home.

Benjamin Oliver Bravington-Sim

UK, August 2019

My name is Mike Krieger and I am the founder and owner of Whistler Bungee. I have used the services of Whistler Immigration to acquire my PR card and also to renew it five years later. My company has also sponsored many individuals to acquire their PR card, always in successful use of the service of Whistler Immigration. Their level of expertise and knowledge made it possible to succeed in all of these applications. For a decision as important as this it is the best investment a person can make to retain their services. If you are considering getting your PR card definitely schedule an interview with Whistler Immigration and retaining their services will increase your chances of success dramatically.

Charlotte Paul

Founder and owner, August 2019

I would highly recommend Whistler Immigration for everyone who decide to become a permanent resident here in Canada. They were a huge help to me! It wasn’t an easy journey but thanks to them I was able to achieve my goals and become a permanent resident. Not to mention I talked to a different lawyer before and they said my application more likely won’t be a successful one but I didn’t give it up, contacted them and they made it happen! Big Thank you Brooke and Caitlin

Vendula Zatloukalova

Czech Republic, August 2019

I would highly recommend Brooke and her team at Whistler Immigration for anyone that needs help with visa’s/permanent residency. Brooke has been extremely helpful and never left me with any questions unanswered. I would come in stressed and with so many questions and uncertainty, but every time I would leave feeling relaxed and with a clear path to take my next steps. It would give them a 10 out of 10.

Iris Bakkeren

July 2019

Brooke and her team at Whistler Immigration really went above and beyond and helped us with getting visas for positions we just weren’t able to fill with the state of the labour pool in Whistler. They found us the best possible strategy for our applicants and made it a seamless process. Even when we ran into a snag with one of our applications, they helped us get in touch with a supervisor and the application was approved, and now that employee is well on her way to a Canadian Residency! Happy to recommend Whistler Immigration and will most certainly seek out their services again!

Caveman Grocer Squamish - Kara Mcmaster

Squamish, July 2018

Before my initial meeting there didn’t seem like many options for me to get my PR but during a consultation I was provided with 4 different pathways that were solid. It was thorough work and uplifting to hear. Caitlin and Brooke were both personable and professional throughout the whole process and again, very thorough! I would recommend Whistler Immigrations services to anyone who is seriously considering moving to Canada. You can trust that you have the right people for the job, and the best opportunity for success.

Claudia De Torres

July 2018

Whistler Immigration were very thorough and professional. Our new hire came through Airport Immigration in 20 minutes. We are very happy with their services and would highly recommend them.

Field Hockey Alberta - Peadar O Riain

President, July 2018

Whistler immigration was great. Canadian immigration took a few months longer than they stated the process would take but Whistler immigration was very helpful throughout the process, following up with the government to make sure our case was processed ASAP. The outcome was great because we got our residence!

Kamila Bubnikova

Czech Republic, June 2018

Very professionalism a lot of dedication I recommend Whistler Immigration for all those who need to achieve their Goals. Thanks for Everything.

Ivo Ferreira

Portugal, June 2018

I can’t speak highly enough of the firm. Will always recommend Whistler Immigration.

Shawn Carpenter

Australia, June 2018

I had an excellent experience with Whistler Immigration. The professionalism and efficiency of the staff make the entire experience far less stressful. Their in depth knowledge of Immigration processes combined with clear, precise instruction and requests allow for the fastest process possible with your situation. I can confidently recommend them, and can now enjoy the rest of my life in Canada!!

Joseph Bryant

June 2018

Prompt, informative, friendly, and a positive outcome; couldn’t have done it without you!

Mongolie Grill - Anna Glover

GM, February 2018

Excellent, reliable and expert service! Thank you!

Simon Fraser University - Theresa Hanson

Senior Director, Athletics and Recreation, February 2018

Brooke Finlay is professional, informative, timely, resilient, matter-of-fact and well versed. Working with Brooke Finlay was a pleasure – she knows her product (immigration) and is explicit while being well-informed on the workings of government processes. I would definitely call on her expertise again.

Whistler Sport Legacies - Jeannine Bradshaw

Managing Director, HR, January 2018

Both Brooke and Barbara were very attentive to my needs and handled any obstacles thrown at them by Immigration Canada!

Mike Krieger

VP, Operation, Whistler Bungee, December 2017

Brooke and the team were friendly, fast, and professional from start to finish.

Mark Little

Australia, November 2017

The service was brilliant sailed through customs with out a hitch.

Rob Mitchell

New Zealand, November 2017

Really professional, experienced and problem solving company with friendly service. Whistler Immigration makes sure there is no document missing and they go with you through all possibilities. I absolutely recommend Whistler Immigration to all friends who like to live in Canada. I would never have made it without them. Thank you.

Sascha Pannwitz

Germany, August 2017

Brooke and her team have helped me navigate the technical waters for two visas and permanent residence with ease and confidence. Their expertise in their field has ensured a smooth application process the whole way, including the many questions and unusual caveats I seemed to run against. The peace of mind is a huge part of the visa process, and I likely would have given up on my Canadian dreams much earlier if I had to go at this alone.

Stephanie Nitsch

United States, July 2017

Excellent service! A friend recommended to apply for my PR through Whistler Immigration. Everything went really smooth and I don’t regret a single bit on money spent. They did almost everything by themselves, I just had to chose program to apply through and provide all the information and documents. They’re really good with suggestions and explaining all the options you have. I recommend their services to everyone and surely will use it again in the future!

Dmitrii Potiomkin

IRATA Certified Level 3 Rope Access Supervisor Tacten Industrial Inc.

Great people to work with and very accommodating. Always sending updates and pushing to get applications completed on time.

Benjamin Smith

Australia, October 2016

Going through the immigration process was long and stressful. Without the help of everyone at Whistler Immigration, I don’t think I would have been successful in gaining my permanent residency. The team answered all my questions plus more and guided me through the whole process step by step. I would recommend Whistler Immigration to anyone needing to use this service. They are a professional, experienced team and pay close attention to detail.

David Bartlett


Whistler immigration is amazing. They helped me through the permanent residency process and were so efficient I never worried about my immigration status. We use them consistently to assist in hiring international staff. I highly recommend them.

Simon Fraser University - Dr. Milton Richards

Past Senior Athletics Director

Whistler Immigration provided advice and immigration service that was invaluable. Your understanding of regulations and programs helped our company to facilitate an excellent hire. We have referred others to you, and will look to Whistler Immigration Ltd. the next time we need help.

Simon Fraser University - Dr. Milton Richards


During the past two years in dealing with Whistler Immigration I have nothing but good things to say. I was initially referred to them by a friend to get a Labour Market Opinion for a new work permit, after getting that, I hired them to help me through the application for Permanent Residence. I found their services to be well priced, organized, courteous and highly professional… I would not hesitate to recommend them because they made the daunting experience of immigration as stress free as possible. I received my Permanent Residence for Canada and would like to thank Whistler Immigration for all their hard work and expertise for getting me there.

Kevin Hutchinson

United Kingdom

I was in the process of attempting to get a Temporary Work Permit for a US Citizen. I was unclear about the route I should take so I enlisted the help of Whistler Immigration. After the initial consultation Whistler Immigration came up with an approach and a budget. With their services I was able to obtain the Work Permit on time and within the budget discussed.

Ski Butlers Rental Delivery - Derek Rhodes

I am very thankful for a very wonderful service that you rendered to me throughout the whole processing period of my documents in coming to Canada. You assisted not only me but all members of my family and you patiently assisted us through the whole process of our Permanent Resident visas. Whistler Immigration is a very reliable company in assisting and preparing documents. Whistler Immigration makes their clients comfortable and the process easy because they provide documents and forms electronically and also provide help and easy instructions. I will surely recommend your company to my friends and people whom I know who wish to acquire services like this.

Simplicio Malacas

Whistler Wired, Phillipines

This was the first time we used an immigration service, and we are really pleased with how we were assisted. To every question we got an answer and our doubts were always immediately satisfied. It has been a long process during which the Whistler Team guided us step by step, making everything much easier and faster. It is a highly professional, courteous and focused team, but mostly focused on customer satisfaction, which we believe is the most important thing. As we have already done, without any doubt or hesitation, we recommend Whistler Immigration to other people, so that like us, they can get a great service and achieve their goals. We received our permanent residence this year, much faster than what we expected! So we would like to thank Whistler Immigration for their hard work, even at a distance!

Alessandra Bidese & Mirko Trivellato