Future of Immigration Consulting in Canada

There has been little innovation in the Canadian immigration legal services industry in decades. Most will agree that it’s time for a change. Consumer preferences and habits are changing and it’s crucial that immigration legal services evolve too.

In this Industry Whitepaper – Future of Immigration Consulting in Canada, our Lead Visionary Officer, Brooke Finlay (R#514337), takes a deep dive into the industry and explores opportunities for growth and progress.

Brooke has spent years learning from the people she serves. She’s learned her customers have a strong desire for validation their application is prepared properly. However, one of their biggest pain points is the inability to access professional support due to financial barriers. They often rely on free resources (like blogs and social media) rather than hiring professional support as a result.

We can all agree this can be incredibly time-consuming, stressful, and overwhelming. That’s why we created Navio Platform. This innovative platform brings users affordable access to step-by-step instructions, ongoing personalized strategic advice from a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, and document review. This helps people navigate their immigration journey faster, with more ease, less stress, and a higher chance of success

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Written on April 4, 2023, by Brooke Finlay