Navio Immigration offers Free Q&A Sessions in Cooperation with Whistler Community Services Society

At Navio Immigration, we’re here for our Whistler community. Since 2021, we have cooperated with Whistler Community Services Society and offer free 30-minute Q&A Sessions to help low-income Whistler residents navigate their journey to Canada. Our experienced Immigration Consultants provide free immigration advice during these sessions, answering your questions and guiding you on important decisions.

It’s important to note that these sessions focus on understanding the immigration process and don’t cover the submission or representation of immigration applications.

If this program might be beneficial for you, please reach out to the Outreach Workers from Whistler Community Services Society who will evaluate your eligibility.  The Outreach Workers will use our online booking platform to book your session, and they will help you complete the Consultation Agreement.

We have a strong relationship with our community and community resources to help people create the connections that they need to unlock their potential and achieve their dreams.

Navio Immigration team is committed to being a helpful part of our community.

Read more about this program on the WCSS website.

Updated 2023-12-08