2020 Parents and Grandparents Program set to open from Oct 13 to Nov 3, 2020

Over a 3-week period, from 12 p.m. EDT on October 13, 2020, to 12 p.m. EST on November 3, 2020, Canadians and permanent residents who wish to sponsor their parents and grandparents to come to Canada will have an opportunity to submit an interest to sponsor form online.

Potential sponsors will be randomly selected and will receive an invitation to submit an application. This will ensure a fair and equal opportunity for all applicants. Selected applicants will have 60 days to submit their application.

10,000 applications will be accepted for processing in 2020 and next year the government will open a new intake period to accept a total of 30,000 new applications.

A new temporary public policy will reduce the income requirement for the 2020 tax year to the minimum necessary income to  account for the fact that many sponsors may have been financially impacted by COVID-19.

Source: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/news/2020/10/government-of-canada-announces-details-for-opening-of-2020-parents-and-grandparents-program.html