Whistler Immigration helps Entrepreneurs achieve success in Canada’s Start Up Business Program

Whistler Immigration is proud to announce that it has processed over 140 Start Up Visa applications in Canada with a very high success rate and is a trusted partner of Empowered Startups, a successful designated business incubator.

High potential Entrepreneurs who would like to launch an innovative business in Canada benefit from Whistler Immigration’s unparalleled professional and quality service based on many years of experience and success in preparing and submitting Startup Visa applications.

The Canadian Start Up Visa program is ideal for the high potential, motivated entrepreneurial business person with an innovative startup idea that has the potential to create jobs in Canada and compete on a global scale. To qualify, Entrepreneurs are required to obtain a letter of support from a designated organisation (e.g. a business incubator) and are able to apply for a temporary work permit to enter Canada with their families and set up the business while the application for permanent residence is processed.

Designated business incubator, Empowered Startup, specializes in supporting high potential, motivated entrepreneurial business people who envision to run their own innovative Canadian startup. Empowered Startup’s holistic incubation program provides services that systematically support and mentor entrepreneurs in de-risking their projects, increasing their speed to market, and enhancing the overall prosperity of Canadian ecosystem they are entering.

More information about Entrepreneurial Services and the Start Up Visa Program.