Paul Girodo Discusses New Fees for Working Holiday Permits With The Pique Newspaper

All Labour Market Opinion exempt work permits including open work permits are subject to new fees.  This includes, but is not limited to, Working Holiday Permits and Provincial Nomination Permits.
New regulations came into effect requiring employers who provide offers of employment to foreign nationals in the International Mobility Program to:

  • provide their offer of employment directly to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) using a form and electronic system provided;
  • electronically pay the new employer compliance fee.

In addition, the employer must provide a copy of this offer of employment form to the foreign national for inclusion in their work permit application.
The new employer compliance fee is $230 and that is in addition to the $155 work permit fee.
For open work permit holders such as the Working Holiday Permit programs you will pay a $100 privilege fee in addition to your $155 work permit fee.
The fees are payable in advance or, in certain circumstances, at the date and time that an LMIA-exempt work permit application is made.  It applies to both initial work permit applications and renewals.
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