Express Entry Stymies Many Applicants

CIC released a mid-year report on Express Entry.  Here are the hard statics:

Express Entry Profiles submitted to the Express Entry Pool as of July 6, 2015
Number of Profiles Completed 112,701
Not Eligible 48,723
Number Pending (i.e. Job Bank Registration, PN Validation) 4,302
Withdrawn 6,441
Invited 12,017
Number of Active Candidates in the Pool 41,218

Not posted in the table above is the actual number of applicants who successfully secured permanent residency.  It is 665.  The key information here is that of the 112,701 foreign nationals who applied, only 12,017 were invited to apply for PR and of those only 665 gained approval for permanent residence.   Currently 11% of applicants who applied to Express Entry were deemed eligible and received and invitation to apply and of that an even smaller number actually were able to prove that they meet the requirements.  Clearly it is a difficult process to navigate.  Whistler Immigration has helped clients successfully secure their permanent residency through the Express Entry system.  A comprehensive understanding of the eligibility requirements of each Express Entry program and the supporting evidence proving you meet the requirements are key to success.