CIC Express Entry: Do You Qualify?

Since CIC launched Express Entry January 1, Whistler Immigration has fielded client phone calls and consultations on the new Express Entry process.  Clients want to know how it will affect their prospective permanent residence applications, how it will affect their applications currently in process and whether or not they qualify for the new Express Entry system.  It is complicated.  Your success with Express Entry is highly dependent on two key factors:

  1. Your ability to qualify for either a provincial nominee program or the three federal immigration programs:
    1. Federal Skilled Worker Program
    2. Federal Skilled Trades Program
    3. Canadian Experience Class Program


  1. A qualifying job offer in the form of:
    1. Arranged Employment or
    2. Provincial Nomination

To start the process you would first evaluate whether you meet the requirements for one or more of the immigration programs.  Then you would create an Express Entry profile.  The steps for completing an online Express Entry profile are outlined on the CIC website at
If you meet the eligibility criteria to create an Express Entry profile and once you are successful creating your Express Entry profile per the CIC requirements you enter the Express Entry Pool of Candidates.  You will be ranked against all the other candidates in that pool based on a specific and detailed Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).  This is where you need to ensure you have achieved the maximum number of points in order to increase your likelihood of selection to apply for permanent residence.
The maximum number of points that can be achieved through CRS is 1200 points.
The mere fact of qualifying and receiving an Express Entry profile through one of the three federal programs will afford you a reasonable amount of points out of the available 600.  However, even if you maxed out the points for skills and experience, spouse or common-law factors (if applicable) and skills transferability your 600 points will not likely be enough to gain you an invitation to apply for permanent residency.
The focus of the Express Entry program is to bring more qualified and skilled workers to Canada who have a high likelihood of success for employment and add positive benefits to the Canadian economy, workforce and culture in general.   This means an applicant needs to secure either arranged employment via a Labour Market Impact Assessment or a Provincial Nomination.  The Canadian employer plays a significant role in any candidate’s application process and securing the qualifying job offer is critical to the success of your application.  For more information or to book a consultation to determine if Express Entry is an option for you please contact Whistler Immigration.