Canadian Parental Sponsorship Debate

Parental Sponsorship program for 5, 000 applicants just launched after having been frozen for the past couple of years.  This program is only for wealthy people who can contractually obligate to the Federal Government to provide long-term financial care for their parents so they don’t use any of Canada’s social systems.  Although the parent may receive Permanent Residency, they’re not truly Permanent Residents of Canada.  There’s two sides to this issue: 1. Old people who have never paid into Canada’s tax base should not be allowed to be Permanent Residents of Canada as they add no financial benefit.  Canada has enough, and will have more old people soon enough; vs. 2. Old people (parents) care for grandchildren which allow the parents to work and not expense their earnings on childcare.  This strengthens the family unit and children receive an invaluable upbringing period with Grandma and Granddad that pays forward when those children become parents.  As well, Canadians with children and with whom older parents live may be happier, healthier, and wealthier for many socio economic reasons.  Thus, if true then the financial burden argument against allowing family reunification is invalid.
It’s clear the current government doesn’t know how to resolve the Parent Sponsorship debate and I’m not sure any government can fully determine the benefits/harms to Canada of family reunification.