BC PNP issues second round of invitations

Today, BC PNP issued its second round of invitations to apply (ITA) to qualified applicants. The ITAs were only offered to top scoring individuals meeting the Guaranteed Registration Scores. For the Express Entry Skilled Worker category 30 ITAs were issued at a minimum score of 135.
BC PNP did not offer ITAs to the regular skilled worker stream in this round. They did make ITA offers to the Entry Level and Semi Skilled, the International Graduate and the Northeast Pilot Project programs.
Currently if you are below the Guaranteed Registration Score you are waiting patiently in the PNP pool. Many applicants to the BC PNP nominee program are hoping and waiting for the minimum score to lower. For skilled worker, in order to achieve a Guaranteed Invitation score of 135 you must have the highest level of English, you must have a high level of Education, be currently employed with a Canadian employer and have many years of skilled work experience in your area of expertise.
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